About Bitbanger

Bitbanger Labs is a small Brooklyn-based maker group that focuses on creating niche technology that inspires. First conceived in 2010 by founders Duncan Frazier and Stephen McGuigan, BBL has since designed and launched its first product, the Remee Lucid Dreaming Mask, first through an exciting (and successful!) Kickstarter and then on to a worldwide audience.

In October 2013, Bitbanger Labs launched a second phenomenally successful Kickstarter campaign for their revolutionary photography product pixelstick, which shipped to rave reviews in August 2014. Check out some of the amazing things that photographers all over the world are doing with pixelstick!

In October 2017, Bitbanger Labs launched our third and most recent Kickstarter campaign for colorspike, a multi-purpose photo/video light that that completely redefines what is possible in studio, on set, or on the go.


About the Founders

Duncan McCloud Frazier is a photographer, artist, and programmer living in Brooklyn. When not making things for other people, Duncan tends to make things for himself, usually resulting in a lumpy but nutritious mash of photography, video and code.

Steve McGuigan is a jack-of-all-trades interested primarily in the written word, coding, design, gadgetry, and, when time permits, music.