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New PCBs, new project

New PCBs just showed up for our second project. They’re looking sexy as usual. At the last minute I swapped out the TQFP atmega footprint for a DIP package. It means I’ll have to go back and make changes to the lard before any kind of final run, but I was getting sick of soldering [...]

MendelMax Build: Part II

The beast is alive.  Electronics showed and all sorts of other bits and bobs showed up last week and we’ve been squeezing in a couple late nights to get the mendelmax up and running.  You can see from the photo that the coffee pot was an integral part of the process.  We’ve got a heated [...]

Project X: Part VII

Starting to look professional now.  Got the smaller PCB all put together (you can see little antennae debugging wires in the pic), and its now settled in a nice tight sandwich of three layers of laser cut foam.  We’re really digging on the foam as a super low profile enclosure, going to have to look [...]

MendelMax Build: Part I

Bitbanger labs has got a bun in the oven.  We’ve decided to finally dive headfirst in the 3d printing reprap world with a shiny new mendelmax.  The mendelmax is a relatively new variant of the reprap which relies on slot aluminum instead of rods. This things looks like a beast, and after a few hours [...]

Project X: Part VI

We’re bitbanging, and it feels good.  We always intended the sleep mask to have parameters that a user could customize, but didn’t really give too much thought as to how that was going to happen until a few weeks ago.  Programing the chip with an ISP is feasible but not very user friendly, especially not [...]

Project X: Part V

PCBs aplenty.  It’s been a while since the last update mainly because we’ve been engrossed in learning surface mount soldering and making tweaks to our PCBs.  You can see we’re already through a number of versions and we’re pretty excited with how things are moving along.  The topmost smaller board in the image is our [...]

Project X: Part III

        From breadboard to frankenstein protoboard, we’re moving steadily along.  This is our attempt to take the breadboard circuit into something moderately wearable and testable.  Gotta say I hate protoboarding, seems like so much work for simple connections.  Gonna take a look at Eagle CAD and designing my own PCBs after this.  Still, [...]

Project X: Part II

After some discussion we’ve decided to go with a six led style mask rather than the one of two leds of all the other sleep masks. A couple reasons but the main thinking is that with six leds we’ll be able to create more complex, recognizable patterns that should make it easier to pick the [...]

Project X: Part I

  After realizing that we’ve both been into Lucid dreaming on our own for years, we’ve decided to finally build what any Lucid dreamer has always wanted. A cheap and comfortable version of the ridiculously expensive Lucid Dream masks that are out there. Lucid dreaming is some pretty amazing, and while at first it sounds [...]

Ishihara Portraits

Modified an old Processing sketch that generated Isihara dot patterns to create a portrait engine.  Each subsequent image contains by powers of 10 more dots than the last.  The most detailed portrait has upwards of 60,000 circles.  Outputs are vector based so it creates a  nice painterly way to massively up-res photos. More images here [...]