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Project X: Part VII

Starting to look professional now.  Got the smaller PCB all put together (you can see little antennae debugging wires in the pic), and its now settled in a nice tight sandwich of three layers of laser cut foam.  We’re really digging on the foam as a super low profile enclosure, going to have to look [...]

Project X: Part VI

We’re bitbanging, and it feels good.  We always intended the sleep mask to have parameters that a user could customize, but didn’t really give too much thought as to how that was going to happen until a few weeks ago.  Programing the chip with an ISP is feasible but not very user friendly, especially not [...]

Project X: Part V

PCBs aplenty.  It’s been a while since the last update mainly because we’ve been engrossed in learning surface mount soldering and making tweaks to our PCBs.  You can see we’re already through a number of versions and we’re pretty excited with how things are moving along.  The topmost smaller board in the image is our [...]

Project X: Part III

        From breadboard to frankenstein protoboard, we’re moving steadily along.  This is our attempt to take the breadboard circuit into something moderately wearable and testable.  Gotta say I hate protoboarding, seems like so much work for simple connections.  Gonna take a look at Eagle CAD and designing my own PCBs after this.  Still, [...]

Project X: Part II

After some discussion we’ve decided to go with a six led style mask rather than the one of two leds of all the other sleep masks. A couple reasons but the main thinking is that with six leds we’ll be able to create more complex, recognizable patterns that should make it easier to pick the [...]

Project X: Part I

  After realizing that we’ve both been into Lucid dreaming on our own for years, we’ve decided to finally build what any Lucid dreamer has always wanted. A cheap and comfortable version of the ridiculously expensive Lucid Dream masks that are out there. Lucid dreaming is some pretty amazing, and while at first it sounds [...]