Project X: Part I


After realizing that we’ve both been into Lucid dreaming on our own for years, we’ve decided to finally build what any Lucid dreamer has always wanted. A cheap and comfortable version of the ridiculously expensive Lucid Dream masks that are out there.

Lucid dreaming is some pretty amazing, and while at first it sounds crystal new age stuff, its actually based in some pretty awesome scientific studies. In short, once you realize your in a dream then you can actively change and control whats happening. The bonus is you remember vividly remember the dreams when you wake. Some people will occasionally lucid dream, others spend a good deal of time doing exercises to lucid dream more often, and some shell out the big bucks to buy a dream mask. The masks are based on a study that showed significantly increased lucid dreams when a sleeper had lights flashed into their eyelids while dreaming. Sounds good to me, so we’re going after it.

First step is to get make it small and low power and for that we’re going with a naked arduino Atmega168 chip. Took some time but following a few of the tutorials online and after squashing a bug or two, we’ve got the atmega running by itself on a breadboard. It’s even using its own internal oscillator instead of a crystal. The oscillator is not as accurate as the crystal but it should be plenty good for what we have planned. ¬†Extra bonus for super lower power mode, burned the atmega without brownout detection so it can run from a 3v coincell battery.